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'Risk and compliance' podcast series

Essential Antitrust #24: Cartel enforcement is back: dawn raids in Europe and new targets in the US

Over the past several years, cartel enforcement actions appear to have been on the decline. Despite this, antitrust enforcers have made clear that they have no intention to ease up enforcement efforts and, in fact, have indicated a renewed commitment to aggressive enforcement – as illustrated by a recent spike in dawn raids, including of private homes, in Europe and several initiatives by the Biden Administration in the US.

In this latest episode of our Essential Antitrust podcast our host Jenn Mellott is joined by Ramya Arnold, senior associate in London, Dominic Divivier, senior associate in Duesseldorf, and Angela Landry, counsel in Washington DC and Silicon Valley, to discuss what enforcers in Europe and the US are focused on in their pursuits.

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