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'Transactions' podcast series

Analysing the critical cross-border issues.

In our global, interconnected world, we want to give clients the confidence to make the right decision at the right time.

To help you prepare for the challenges ahead, our lawyers come together to discuss issues that matter most to global businesses. We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Essential Antitrust #7: New EU framework on screening of foreign direct investments fully applicable

The EU framework for the screening of FDI is now fully applicable. Jenn Mellott discusses the political background and practical implications of the new framework with Frank Röhling and Amaryllis Müller.
When structuring transactions and planning deal timetables, deal makers must now consider the impact of increased levels of cooperation between EU member states and the European Commission on investments in certain critical sectors.

View from the Valley #2: diversity, IPOs and director compensation

In the second of a series of regular updates from our team in northern California, Boris FeldmanSarah SolumMaj VaseghiJohn Fisher and Doru Gavril take a look at three of the hottest issues in tech and life sciences – diversity, exit options and board pay.

View from the Valley #1: the impact of COVID-19

In the first of a series of dispatches from our team in northern California, Boris FeldmanSarah SolumMaj VaseghiJohn Fisher and Doru Gavril explore the impact of the COVID crisis on everything from shareholder activism to securities litigation.

Essential Antitrust #6: COVID-19 and M&A - merger control during the pandemic

The economic hardship caused by COVID-19 has resulted in an increase in firms in financial distress looking for a path forward through M&A. Jenn Mellott speaks with partners Alastair Chapman, Mary Lehner and Tone Oeyen to discuss how enforcement agencies view distressed firm transactions, how the agencies have responded to the unique financial conditions caused by the pandemic and what policies have been introduced to prevent hostile foreign takeovers of critical assets and technologies.

Essential Antitrust #5: The politics of global M&A - navigating foreign investment controls

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in rapid changes to the global foreign direct investment landscape as governments re-evaluate which assets will be critical to national security in the future. Many of these changes are here to stay. Jenn Mellott speaks with partners Michele Davis, Aimen Mir and Hazel Yin about the most significant changes across Europe, the United States and Asia and discuss what deal-makers can do to navigate through this increasingly complex global regulatory landscape.

The challenges and opportunities of payments deals

Competition for assets in the payments space has been fierce in recent years. In our latest podcast, partners Cyrus PochaKeir MacLennan and Martin McElwee discuss what’s driving the run of deal activity, what buyers need to look out for – and how to approach antitrust regulators as the sector consolidates.

Essential Antitrust #3: US spotlight on vertical mergers

The past few years have seen a renewed interest in vertical merger enforcement in the US. Jenn Mellott speaks with US antitrust partner Tom Ensign and counsel Jan Rybnicek, who break down the most significant investigations and discuss what companies should take away from the draft vertical merger guidelines published by the FTC and DOJ last month.

Top 40 US public M&A deals survey

What trends have we seen in the biggest US public M&A deals since 2015? US M&A partners Peter Lyons and Matthew Herman discuss the results of their survey of the merger agreements for the top 40 US domestic and inbound deals by value over the last four years. They explore various aspects of these agreements, including deal leaks, risk allocation, changes in regulation and the effects of CFIUS.

The impact of EU regulation on US tech

How should US technology companies approach EU regulators? Partners Natasha Good, Eric Mahr, Thomas Janssens and James Aitken, and senior associate Jennifer Mellott, discuss messages delivered by the European Commission's Nick Banasevic during the FT–Freshfields briefing that took place in Silicon Valley on the approach US tech companies should have towards EU regulators.

Fuji-Xerox: don’t copy this

The Fuji-Xerox deal made headlines for all the wrong reasons. US partners Peter Lyons, Matthew Herman and Linda Martin, along with associate Marissa Yu, take a look at what happened – and what the takeaways are for your next major transaction.

Foreign investment review: shifting sands

Investment regulation continues to evolve with the US and UK leading the way. How do businesses need to respond? US partner Mary Lehner is joined by UK partner Michele Davis to look at the implications of recent foreign investment review reforms across the US and UK.

Foreign investment review: Broadcom–Qualcomm 

Broadcom's blocked bid for Qualcomm broke new ground for foreign investment review on a number of fronts. Freshfields’ co-head of global M&A, Matthew Herman, and US counsel Christine Laciak take a deep dive.

Class actions go global

US-style class actions are not the norm in Europe – but that may be changing. Freshfields US litigation partner Linda Martin leads a conversation with three of her colleagues from around the firm – Michael Rohls (Germany), Mark Sansom (UK) and Jeroen van Hezewijk (Netherlands) – about recent developments in their countries, as well as what changes are on the horizon.

GDPR for US companies

The EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) sets a new standard for how companies can deal with individually identifiable information. Adam Siegel, the head of the litigation practice group for Freshfields in the US, interviews two of his European colleagues, Giles Pratt (UK) and Norbert Nolte (Germany), about the ins and outs of GDPR and what the law is likely to mean for US companies.

US tax reform

Historic changes to the US tax code could disrupt global business, creating new risks for some and new opportunities for others. US M&A Partner Peter Lyons interviews tax partners Robert Scarborough and Claude Stansbury about two key takeaways from the reforms: the expected impact on M&A and the new – and significant – incentives for relocating certain business segments to the US.

Auction strategies

Whether you’re on the buy or sell side of an M&A auction, acting quickly and confidently is more important than ever. Our co-heads of global M&A, Matthew Herman and Bruce Embley, are joined by partner Arun Balasubramanian to discuss the increasingly fast-paced world of M&A auctions, including an examination of current trends and effective strategies in the US, UK and Asia.

'Wait, what?' moments in cross-border M&A

A US business looking to acquire a company in the UK or Germany first needs to understand how different dealmaking can be in those two jurisdictions. US M&A Partner Peter Lyons speaks with leading M&A colleagues – Jennifer Bethlehem and Piers Prichard Jones (UK) and Rick van Aerssen (Germany) – about their markets, diving deep into the regional differences that might influence your company’s decision on how – and where – it expands through outbound M&A.

New regimes, new rules?

When scrutinising concentrations, the EU and US antitrust authorities have traditionally worked together closely. But their approaches are beginning to diverge. Freshfields partners Matthew Herman, Paul Yde and Thomas Janssens talk through what this means for big cross-border mergers – and make their predictions for the future.

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