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'Sustainability' podcast series

Staying on top of the green agenda.

Interest continues to grow in how the operations of multinational companies affect people, environments and the climate.

In this podcast series, our lawyers look at how companies can reduce their carbon footprint, minimise their impact on ecosystems, and become better employers and customers. We will also cover how companies should be disclosing their environmental, social and governance efforts, and examine the emergence of sustainable investing.

WorkLife 2.0 – employee activism and the new world of labour relations

Employee activism has been making headlines since 2018, when the employees of a large tech company in the US staged a walkout from their employer in a protest at claims of sexual harassment, gender inequality and racism. What has now become a trend in tech is impacting other industries and changing the classic labour relations landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped it, although it has slightly changed its focus. In this session, Boris Dzida, David Mendel, Olivia Radin, Sarah Solum and Caroline Stroud discuss the reputational and financial risks for businesses, and explore how employers might best manage employee activism.

WorkLife 2.0: Oversight and compliance challenges

Employers are considering keeping the working from home set-up for some time to come, and (in some cases) possibly for good. There has been a lot of discussion about what that might mean from an oversight perspective, and how it might change employers’ risk profile. 

In this session, Ben MorganCaroline StroudHolly Insley and Olivia Radin consider how companies are approaching their compliance and oversight arrangements and the impact of the new working environment on whistleblowing. They also discuss the possible approach of regulators when it comes to evaluating oversight standards, as well as the challenges that the new working environment holds for in-house lawyers and compliance officers.

View from the Valley #2: diversity, IPOs and director compensation

In the second of a series of regular updates from our team in northern California, Boris FeldmanSarah SolumMaj VaseghiJohn Fisher and Doru Gavril take a look at three of the hottest issues in tech and life sciences – diversity, exit options and board pay.

Worklife 2.0: exploring the new normal for the workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented change in the way we work. As global lockdown measures begin to lift, the question of what the ‘new normal’ will look like is at the forefront of employers’ and employees’ minds. As part of the WorkLife 2.0 series, we will explore the future working landscape, and the challenges and opportunities it presents, through a series of blog posts, briefings and podcasts.

In this session, speakers Timothy WilkinsHolly InsleyKarin Buzanich-Sommeregger and Oliver Dudok van Heel discuss changing attitudes to working from home, and the challenges employers and employees may face when returning to the workplace.

Worklife 2.0: office life – but not as we know it

Apps that show the number of commuters on trains, passenger control systems that make offices look like airports, travellers put in military quarantine camps… as COVID-19 restrictions are eased we share lockdown stories from across the world - and discuss how workplaces are being adapted to allow people to return.

Anglo American talks business and human rights

How does a mining giant embed human rights in its business operations? Jan Klawitter, principal, government relations at Anglo American, discusses his company's approach to human rights with Freshfields partner Paul Bowden.

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