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Whistleblowing is on the rise.

But more can be done to encourage employees to speak up.

We gathered opinions from 2,500 business managers across Germany, France, Hong Kong, the UK and the US on the attitude to whistleblowing across different jurisdictions and sectors, and considered how this has changed since our last survey in 2014.

According to the survey’s findings, almost half (47 per cent) of business managers are either witnessing or engaging in whistleblowing, suggesting that there has been a shift in behaviour since 2014, when only 34 per cent reported the same level of engagement. Similarly only 13 per cent of business managers now claim that their employers are discouraging whistleblowing, down from 40 per cent in 2014.

While the trend is in the right direction, organisations still have a clear interest in ensuring that the right whistleblowing framework and culture is in place to encourage employees to speak up without fear of retaliation.