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Mass claims

Consumer liability

Freshfields has a wealth of experience with defending complex multi-jurisdictional mass claims. These cases often involve tens of thousands of consumers, brought by numerous claimant law firms with the backing of international litigation funders. Our consumer liability mass claims teams leverage innovative legal tech solutions to identify macro-level trends among groups of claimants. This enables us to maintain a coordinated approach across similar mass claims in multiple jurisdictions and implement a unified defence strategy to ensure consistent outcomes, even when navigating distinct procedural frameworks.

Our practice excels in managing claims brought by thousands of consumers, while simultaneously defending each individual case on its own merits. We have a deep understanding of navigating the procedural intricacies associated with mass claims on a global scale, ensuring our clients can streamline the alignment of large numbers of consumer claimants regardless of the litigation structure.

Typically, the mass consumer claims we handle also require simultaneous focus on regulatory or political workstreams alongside the litigation process. Our team boasts a wealth of experience in strategically sequencing these actions to maximise benefits.

We aim to empower our clients to navigate the complexities of managing large numbers of claims efficiently. We achieve this by establishing key defence strategies and tactics at an early stage, which can then be applied across multiple jurisdictions. Freshfields lawyers in each jurisdiction not only possess a comprehensive understanding of consumer law but are also acutely sensitive to any potential ripple effects that consumer litigation in one jurisdiction can trigger in others.

Our team excels at balancing the diverse procedural demands across various jurisdictions, courts and case structures. Our approach enables clients to adopt a holistic issue-wide strategy when defending against mass claims, thereby alleviating the pressure on businesses facing such challenges.


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