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Mass claims

Data and tech mass claims

At Freshfields, our data and tech litigation team combines extensive civil law experience in the defence of liability claims with many years of know-how in the field of data protection. What truly sets us apart is our exceptional ability to develop, coordinate and implement comprehensive global defence strategies for our valued clients.

Our current engagements involve providing legal counsel to several globally renowned tech companies in the defence of numerous data-related claims. Our diverse portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of cases, ranging from individual proceedings with industry-wide significance to large-scale proceedings in the B2C and B2B sector.

The landscape is evolving, and we are witnessing a surge in consumer claims, stemming not only from major data breaches but also from seemingly minor GDPR infringements. This trend underscores the critical importance of developing a robust, data-driven defence strategy at an early stage, particularly in the face of assertive plaintiff law firms seeking mandates. To tackle this challenge, we leverage tailored legal tech solutions and have established our Mass Claims Unit in Germany, ensuring our readiness to handle large-scale proceedings efficiently.

When it comes to class actions, we proudly stand as the most coordinated law firm across Europe, the UK and the US. Additionally, we possess extensive expertise in crisis communications, further enhancing our ability to address multifaceted legal challenges.


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