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Freshfields TQ podcast series

MedTech Across Borders – Recent Developments in Japan and the US

Join partners Takeshi Nakao (Tokyo) and Vinita Kailasanath (Silicon Valley) for the latest episode of the Freshfields MedTech podcast. With a focus on Japan and the US, they discuss trends and innovations in MedTech, and potential risk and regulation that companies with MedTech products and services face.

Introduction (English translation): Hello everyone. My name is Takeshi, Managing Partner of Freshfields Tokyo Office. In today's podcast, we will discuss MedTech. MedTech is the word combining “medical” and “technology”, referring to using  IOT and other technologies in healthcare. I will ask the speaker about this area, starting with the definition, which I am sure many of you have heard recently. Technology developments have led to many innovations in the field of healthcare, making it one of the growth areas and an area of high interest. Today I would like to bring you together with an expert in this field from the United States, Vinita Kailasanath. Vinita is the head of Freshfields' MedTech practice and has extensive experience in the field, particularly where both life sciences and technology are concerned. She has been involved in transactions that are strategically very important to our clients in the MedTech and digital health sectors. She provides advice in licensing transactions, research and development, and those kinds of areas. In fact, before becoming a lawyer, Vinita was doing research in the field of neuroendocrinology at the graduate level, which is a word I looked up in the dictionary. She also has experience providing marketing and sales support to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Outro (English translation): This time, we started with a high-level conversation with the theme of MedTech, explaining recent trends in regulations. Vinita is an expert in the field of MedTech, and we would like to send you another podcast when we hear about new developments as new trends emerge, etc.. Thank you for listening.

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