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Listed Company Roundtable – 31 January 2023

The slides and video recording of the event are available here:

1. Introduction

2. Handling a cyber attack or a data crisis

3. Director liability for acts of a company in a tax context

4. Lessons learned from recent FCA enforcement action

5. Shareholder litigation trends

6. Audit and corporate governance reform update

In this Listed Company Roundtable, which was held on 31 January 2023, we covered the following:

  • Lessons learned from recent FCA enforcement action
  • The rise in shareholder claims:
    • Current trends in shareholder claims
    • Spotting issues which may give rise to a claim
    • Claimant strategies and how to be on the front foot
  • Handling a cyber-attack or data crisis:
    • Key governance considerations – what regulators expect to see from the board and senior management
    • Getting the response right – MAR considerations, reporting to regulators and mitigation strategies
  • Director liability in the tax context:
    • When individuals can be liable for acts of a company
    • Circumstances in which criminal liability can arise
    • Best practice for board meetings and minutes 

If you have any questions, please contact our Head of Listed Companies, Rós Ni Dhubháin.