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Corporate governance

Building strong and transparent cultures.

In a world of greater co-operation between regulators, unanticipated cyber dangers, increasingly litigious employees and customers, and more rules on disclosing companies' sustainability record, corporate reputations are under threat like never before.

We advise clients on a range of corporate governance challenges, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure requirements from investors and regulators. 

We are also helping listed companies and financial services businesses match the priority given to corporate governance by regulators, and articulate what their desired culture is, how they are promoting that culture and how success is measured.

Stricter rules mean large private companies will need to define, assess and strengthen their corporate culture too.

As shareholders become more activist, and as ESG issues become integrated into mainstream investing, the pressure to change business models and provide sufficient disclosure will continue to increase.

Our experience

We have identified 12 key factors, which we use as a flexible governance and risk framework to test clients’ values and culture.

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