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The Industrial Internet of Things

Global manufacturer

Transforming a market leader

We are advising one of the world’s leading industrial manufacturers on the development of a cloud-based open operating platform that connects machines, plants and systems.

The platform hosts a suite of apps – developed in-house and by third parties – that can harness the data generated by connected equipment and drive huge efficiency benefits, for example by enabling businesses to monitor their machines and maintain them before they break. The project is a cornerstone of the company’s digital transformation strategy.

The platform runs on components supplied by a variety of businesses including the leading cloud providers and software developers. Our work underpins the company’s relationships with them; the legal framework under which apps can be created, deployed, marketed and operated; and the commercial agreements the company has with the platform’s customers.

Developing a digital ecosystem that brings together so many different players has involved a number of legal firsts. The project has challenged us to answer some fascinating questions covering the complex web of telecoms, payment services, product liability and data privacy regimes the company is now subject to around the world.

The platform has huge commercial potential given its capacity to drive the development of the Industrial Internet of Things, and opens up a vast array of data-driven revenue streams for both the company and its customers.