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Pensions White Paper - Increased scrutiny for corporate transactions

The Pensions White Paper “Protecting Defined Benefit Pension Schemes” was published on 19 March 2018.  The White Paper includes proposals to extend the Pensions Regulator’s powers that will impact on corporate activity for groups which operate a defined benefit pension scheme.  It also includes proposals to make changes to the framework that governs the funding of defined benefit pensions schemes and sets out further measures for consultation to assist with the consolidation of defined benefit pension schemes, including a legislative and authorisation framework for new forms of commercial consolidation vehicles (“superfunds”).

For further details about the proposals in the White Paper, please download our briefing.

Please also download our article on the White Paper that first appeared in the May 2018 issue of PLC Magazine

Pensions Article - White Paper (Freshfields, May 2018)
(PDF - 39.1 KB)

Download PDF

Pensions Alert - White Paper (Freshfields, March 2018)
(PDF - 2.4 MB)

Download PDF