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Human insights into digital matters

Freshfields Digital podcast series

The rapid advance of technology has profound implications for both business and society.

Law and regulation is the bridge between the two, yet rule-makers are struggling to keep up with the speed of change.

Over the coming months, we’ll be exploring developments in the digital world and debating the challenges and opportunities they present. We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Introducing the Freshfields Digital podcast series

In the face of disruption, established companies are having to harness emerging technologies and boost their digital offering. But as a result they face a new set of challenges.

Antitrust partner Mary Lehner introduces the digital topics we will be exploring over the coming months with our panels of experts.

Cyber security: our experience at the Expo

Resilience has come to be expected of companies, especially in the wake of a cyber-attack – being prepared has never been so important.

Litigation and Investigations partner Rhodri Thomas and associate Raphaella Pitt reflect on our participation at the Cyber Security Summit and Expo and a speech made there by the FCA on operational resilience and cyber security.

Cyber security: are you on your best behaviour?

The most sophisticated firewall in the world is no defence against the threat from within.

Our specialists discuss how to counter the human factor in data breaches, explore examples of the behaviours that hackers exploit - and give practical tips on how to ensure those phishing attacks don’t get a bite.

Digital transformation: the secrets of success

For companies losing market share but lacking the insight to work out why, rethinking their use of technology and data analytics might help. But before jumping into a big transformation project, organisations should start by looking outside for inspiration.

Drawing on her experience as digital leader at IBM, author and inventor Lindsay Herbert reveals her thoughts on best practice when it comes to digital transformation, including her five-stage plan for success.

The trouble with platforms

Digital platforms have revolutionised the way we shop, the way we communicate and the way we book our holidays. But are they really as beneficial for consumers as they seem?

Antitrust authorities – particularly in Europe – fear they may not be, and are starting to pay much closer attention to the way they work. Our experts take a look at this emerging battleground and discuss what the crackdown means for the platforms themselves – and the companies that sell through them.

How to build a digital business

Every company wants to become more ‘digital’. But what does that really mean? How do businesses do it? And what does the process involve from a legal perspective?

Matthias Koch, Theresa Ehlen, Richard Bird and Caroline Stroud share what they’ve learnt on the front line of digital transformation projects – from how to handle liability risk to the importance of collaboration and the best ways to drive cultural change.

The rise of people analytics

From sentiment analysis on emails to optimising the recruitment process, people analytics are an emerging tool in human resources. But should employers use them to make decisions about their workers?

Partners Caroline Stroud and Boris Dzida discuss the legal – and ethical – issues people analytics raise.

Data and merger control

Antitrust regulators exist to preserve competitive markets. But in a world where digital businesses can become very powerful very quickly, they are struggling to keep pace.

Partners Rafique Bachour, Bruce McCulloch and Kaori Yamada look at how authorities around the world are adapting their tools for the 21st century – and what this means for M&A.

What’s different about digital deals?

If you are buying a business that looks like your own, the deal process is equally familiar. But apply traditional methods to a digital acquisition and you will miss many of the most important issues.

Partners Natasha Good, Giles Pratt and Julian Pritchard discuss how to mitigate risk in tech M&A – and avoid the pitfalls that can put your investment at risk.

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