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COP26 and beyond

26th UN Climate Change Conference, Glasgow

Will UN summit accelerate progress on climate change?

Between 1 and 12 November, all eyes will be on the 26th UN Climate Change Conference – otherwise known as COP26.

With global warming a priority for governments – and policymakers, investors and businesses recognizing the need to ‘build back better’ in the wake of COVID-19 – there is hope that real progress can be made.

In the run-up to COP26 and beyond we will be bringing together our experts and leading thinkers from commerce and academia to explore what the summit means for business. 

Through a series of events, reports, blogs and podcasts themed around our climate advisory pillars – regulation, litigation, transactions and financing – we hope their insights will point the way to a more sustainable future.

What happened at COP26, and what does it mean for business? Find out with our latest blog.

In our first Big Conversation podcast, Tariq Fancy and Helen Clarkson explore the transition to net zero.


The physical and transition risks associated with climate change increasingly material to the value of businesses. Understanding these issues in the context of corporate transactions is a critical component of robust due diligence and go to the heart of the growth deals can deliver.


Heating up

How to assess climate-related legal risk

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Here, our teams discuss key climate-related transactional trends

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The volume and complexity of sustainable financial instruments is growing in response to rising demand from investors and lenders. At the same time, there is increasing focus among the investment community on whether finance law needs to change to drive greater progress on sustainability-related goals.

Here you can read about sustainable finance and the evolution of capital markets – as well as our analysis for the The Generation Foundation, the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) on whether the law in 11 key financial hubs around the world enables – or requires – institutional investors to invest for sustainability impact.

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Regulation is one of the key levers being used to accelerate progress on climate goals, whether in the form of tax incentives, climate-related disclosures or EU state aid. At the same time, policymakers are considering whether antitrust regimes need to be loosened to enable the sort of collaboration required to drive meaningful progress.

Here, our teams explore all aspects of climate-related regulation, including our work to advance thinking around corporate sustainability reporting.

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Historically, climate related litigation has involved tort claims against energy companies in relation to their perceived contribution to global emissions. But more recently, plaintiffs have been pursuing broader strategies, including by targeting financial institutions over the activities of the businesses they finance and the accuracy of their climate risk disclosure.

Here, our teams share their insights on trends in climate-related litigation and how businesses are navigating this increasingly complex landscape.

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