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China - Our work

We advise Chinese clients investing abroad as well as clients investing in China.

We’re international but very much one firm. We share our expertise to ensure the best outcome for our clients. We’re connected globally, working in cross-border, cross-functional teams, giving you the chance to experience new cultures, places, and ideas.

We serve demanding clients, with needs in every possible corner of the world. Big or small, commercial, or institutional, what our clients all have in common is the sheer ambition and complexity of what they want to achieve. Put simply, they hire Freshfields when it matters most.

Our work is complex at Freshfields, and while it can be difficult, it’s enriching. We work with high-profile organisations on mandates that can set new precedents, so you’ll make an impact and leave your mark, empowering you and those around you. You’ll get the recognition you deserve and, whether you’re a lawyer or working alongside them in our Business Services teams, you’ll have opportunities to develop, giving you the confidence to grow both professionally and personally.