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Workplace investigations

Help unearthing the facts.

Regulatory and internal investigations are on the increase across all industries and often have a cross-border dimension. Co-operation between regulators and authorities is increasing, resulting in investigations in multiple jurisdictions.

We provide guidance on employee investigations, compliance issues and whistleblowing regimes, including whistleblower protection. We are here to support you in dealing with conflicting internal stakeholder expectations as to how to manage an investigation, balancing regulatory and employment obligations, the disciplinary process, employee monitoring and timing issues.

We have advised on the employment aspects of investigations across the globe. We have also helped develop techniques that can empower people to raise issues internally in organisations and countries that do not have a strong whistleblowing culture.

Client successes

Mr Weil was the most senior Swiss banker charged in the US Department of Justice's long-running investigation of Swiss banks and bankers for allegedly assisting US taxpayers in evading billions of dollars of US taxes on assets secretly held in Switzerland.

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