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In the aftermath of a number of tax evasion scandals, whistleblower protection was put back on the European agenda. Moreover rules to protect whistleblowers in certain circumstances have recently been enacted in France, the UK and Italy.

We recently launched a global survey on whistleblowing, where 2,500 business managers from different countries and sectors were polled. According to the survey’s findings, the whistleblowing culture within businesses has evolved. While the results show increased levels of engagement in whistleblowing around the world, they also reveal that office culture is still deterring large numbers of business managers from engaging in it at all.

We want to help you make sure the whistleblowing culture within your business moves in the right direction. We can assist you in retaining control of the process and investigating internally at an early stage, in order to deal properly with an issue and prevent further damage more quickly. We also advise on the implementation of whistleblowing hotlines.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of this and/or wider issues pertaining to your business, please do get in touch.