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Patents and technology

Patents and tech advice from industry-embedded experts.

Our global patents and technology team takes a practical approach to helping clients defend their businesses and enforce their rights.

We find commercial solutions where possible, but we’re ready to litigate when and where necessary.

We help clients deal with patent claims against them. We test the merits of claims, prepare defences and explore work-arounds, counter-assertions and other routes to avoid or settle disputes.

We advise in all the main European and Asian jurisdictions. On international litigation involving other firms we often co-ordinate the global case strategy, as well as acting as local advisers.

On the non-contentious side, we advise clients who want to invest in new businesses, products or technologies, looking at the validity and value of intellectual property and how best to exploit it.

Many of our lawyers hold advanced degrees in the sciences and have been seconded to businesses that rely heavily on patents and technology. We’re deeply interested in the technology at the heart of our clients' businesses and the law that protects it.

We enjoy discussing complex issues with clients’ technical and commercial teams and negotiating those issues with others.