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What we do

What we do

Everything we do will help grow, strengthen and defend your business.

Our global teams span specialisms, regions and industries to deliver against three fundamental client needs: transactional, regulatory, risk.

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Solving your needs

Helping you grow

We help our clients execute their most complex cross-border transactions. To ensure you get the best from your deals, we'll apply commercial thinking to the regulatory and risk landscape, bringing together our tax, IP, antitrust, finance, real estate and corporate teams from around the world so that your every base is covered.

Strengthening your business

We offer unrivalled experience at every stage of the regulatory lifecycle. Whether you’re concerned with issues of antitrust, corruption, consumer protection, tax, IP or employment (to name just a few), we’ll help you to comply today and compete tomorrow.

Giving you the best defence

We'll advise on protecting your corporate reputation, guarding you from risk and helping you install safeguards for the future. We handle every type of contentious issue across the world, from multijurisdictional litigation to global investigations.

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Thinking without borders

Finding clarity in cross-border complexity

Our approach