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'Global investigations' podcast series

When issues arise, how do companies best investigate and deal with the misconduct while protecting reputation, managing enforcement risk and maintaining business as usual? Our Global Investigations Podcast series will look at this and other questions arising in complex corporate investigations and crises.

Global investigations #5: managing conduct risk - the evolving approach

Leading businesses are rethinking how they manage risk by taking a more holistic approach and focusing on conduct. In this episode, Matthew Bruce, Holly Insley and Bruce McCulloch discuss the increased focus on principles and behaviours, bringing compliance training to life and tactical considerations for overcoming resource constraints.

Global investigations: episode 4 – Protecting the whistleblowers

Many corporate scandals only come to light when an insider lifts the lid on misconduct. But what protections do those individuals get from reprisals? Do companies have to keep their identity a secret? And who is responsible for policing corporate whistleblowing programmes? As the European Union introduces a new directive on whistleblower protection, our panel of international experts explain what companies need to know about whistleblowing in Europe and Asia.

Global investigations: episode 3 – defending multiple fronts (part 2)

In part 2 of this episode, partners Olivia Radin, Ali Sallaway and Mark Sansom discuss redress and resolution – from the differing attitudes of authorities to the impact of resolution on civil litigation proceedings.

Global investigations: episode 3 – defending multiple fronts (part 1)

Investigations rarely arise in isolation. And companies are often required to balance overlapping, and sometimes conflicting, legal, financial and reputational priorities. In this podcast, partners Olivia Radin, Ali Sallaway and Mark Sansom discuss the myriad issues these cases bring and provide some pointers for navigating them.

Global investigations: episode 2 – why do things go wrong?

In this podcast, partners Caroline Stroud, Ben Morgan and Simon Priddis explore the Freshfields casebook to reveal the behavioural drivers behind some of the most significant corporate investigations - and explain how businesses can manages these risks.

Global investigations: episode 1 – responding to suspect activity

In this inaugural episode, global investigations partners Matthew Bruce, Geoff Nicholas and Adam Siegel discuss the factors behind some of the difficult early judgement calls that need to be made – including how much investigation to do upfront, whether to engage with the authorities and how to deal with the potential for individual liability.

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