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Freshfields whistleblowing survey 2020: Whistleblowing in the spotlight

Worrying signs for speak-up culture

Since our last Whistleblowing Report in 2017, high-profile corporate scandals revealed by whistleblowers have continued to make the headlines. Often employees will be the first line of defence against fraud and corporate crime, and their willingness and ability to speak up when they spot issues is critical.

In a continuation of the exercise we began in 2014, we’ve gathered the views of over 2500 individuals across 13 industries in the UK, US, Hong Kong, Germany and France to assess their attitudes towards whistleblowing, and to discover how this has changed since our last survey in 2017.

Please use the link below to download the full report.

Freshfields whistleblowing survey 2020 Whistleblowing in the spotlight
(PDF - 1.6 MB)

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