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Brexit: tax competition between the UK and the EU27

Since the outcome of the Brexit referendum there has been speculation about whether any UK/EU trade agreement would allow the UK to position itself as a tax haven. In the briefing at the link below, David Haworth and Alison Dickie from our London tax team consider whether the Brexit deal paves the way for a low-tax and less regulated UK tax environment.

The briefing highlights that the UK/EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement imposes a number of restrictions on the UK, including subsidy controls and commitments to maintain certain OECD tax standards. Whilst outside of these restrictions, opportunities remain for the UK to make its tax regime more competitive as compared to its EU27 neighbours, it seems likely that divergences between the tax regimes of these jurisdictions will in any event develop over time.

This briefing was originally published in Tax Journal on 12 February 2021.

Brexit tax competition between the UK and the EU27
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