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COVID-19 Emergency Measures in Austria: Short-Time Work and Special Care Leave

The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly changed the way we live and work.

Against this background, the Austrian government has passed several emergency laws which already came into force. These laws inter alia provide for different regimes for emergency relief, in particular in order to stimulate the labour market and to provide further financial assistance in the amount of up to EUR 38 billion to push the economy.

In addition to the economic challenges, the COVID-19 outbreak poses various challenges for employment relationships. Accordingly, the COVID-19 laws introduced two different emergency measures with respect to employment law:

  • Corona Short-Time Work (Corona-Kurzarbeit); and
  • Special Care Leave (Sonderbetreuungszeit).  

Employers should analyse how to potentially combine the newly introduced measures with other measures under the regular employment law in order to best deal with the current situation in relation to their workforce individually.

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