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10 key trends in transition M&A

Transformational M&A: energy transition investments

Our new report, Transformational M&A: energy transition investments, explores how M&A and JVs present a unique and transformative opportunity for companies to propel themselves through climate transition.

Organic growth cannot deliver the climate transition. M&A will be vital. Whether this inorganic transformation takes the form of vertical or horizontal integration, the acquisition or creation of new asset portfolios, or M&A into emerging technologies, transition-related transactions come with a specific, and sometimes acute, set of commercial and legal challenges and complexities.

Follow the links on this page for ten key market trends across opportunities and risks in transition-linked acquisitions and disposals, with key takeaways on delivering successful decarbonisation strategies. The downloadable PDF of the report also provides a breakdown of global data with specific analysis for MENA, Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific, as well as extra background and case studies.