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Tougher controls for foreign investment: the new normal?

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Global antitrust

What's changed in the world of foreign investment?

Changes in the foreign investment review space in response to COVID-19 have occurred at a rapid pace. This follows a recent period of unprecedented international focus on foreign investment issues and geo-political change, leading to major legislative changes or proposals in most major economies.

The coronavirus is having an effect in the following areas: 

  • changes in the timing of review;
  • expansion of jurisdiction to review; and
  • increases in scrutiny. 

Some of these changes are intended to be temporary (eg those currently adopted in Australia and Italy), but many are likely to persist (eg in France, Germany and Spain, where temporary rules were made permanent within a few days).

Deal-makers should monitor closely ongoing regime changes, as even 'in-flight' deals can be affected. To get the full picture, request access to the guide.

Our latest client briefing provides updates on 15 key jurisdictions around the globe. We have combined our own experience and insight with trusted local input from relationship firms in jurisdictions where we do not practise the local law.

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