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Data and cyber

Cyber attacks, data breaches and litigation

We advise on the largest and most complex data crises, and are one of only a handful of firms in the world to have managed a major data breach since the advent of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This experience gives us unrivalled insight into how regulators think, what they look for in their investigations, how they calculate fines and what remediation measures they expect.

Our global team of data attorneys, litigators and investigations lawyers know how to respond to an attack in a way that will manage your exposure, position you to defend follow-on litigation and help you quickly rebuild consumer and stakeholder trust.

We track data privacy developments globally - including the strength of different authorities’ statutory powers, their likelihood of taking action and the associated class action risk – so when you suffer a breach we can immediately pinpoint where you need to focus your energy.

Our cyber attacks, data breaches and litigation insights

Our cyber attacks, data breaches and litigation experience


Advising Marriott, the US hotel chain, on the global coordination of its response to its Starwood database security incident.

International travel operator

Advising an international travel operator following the loss of customer and business data

International investment fund

Advising an investment fund on a cyber attack, including working with criminal, data protection and industry regulators in the UK and Germany.