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Shaping the digital revolution

Our experience

Legal systems around the world are struggling to catch up with the digital transformation of entire value chains.

Freshfields’ innovative solutions to the resulting legal challenges are helping shape the digital future.

New sources of value and risk

New digital business models offer a wealth of opportunities but also present new risks.

If you want to buy digital capabilities, roll out your own digital products and services or are just trying to understand the new legal threats, Freshfields can find future-proofed strategies.

Tying law to tech

Our Freshfields Digital platform brings together experts from across legal disciplines to answer the tech revolution’s most important questions.

From managing data as an asset to mitigating risks in a connected environment, we offer insights on the strategic challenges clients face.

Global advice

Most digital business models are instantly scalable so must reflect the rapidly evolving legal frameworks they operate in.

Our lawyers are currently helping global market leaders in the automotive, financial services and manufacturing sectors with joined-up advice that takes account of both their overarching global strategies and local legal requirements.

Connected innovation

Our clients are innovating – and so are we.

Freshfields already uses artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to deliver our services more efficiently and accurately, while improving price predictability for our clients.

But the disruption of legal services continues so we're not standing still either. In fact, we grow ever more excited by the future possibilities. 

Find out more about how we are innovating.

Our experience speaks for itself

Here are some examples of the work we're doing to help clients become more digital. 

How we can help you

  • Target liability and risks, eg regulation horizon-scanning, cyber security, data privacy, IP and antitrust)
  • Optimal asset protection, eg of the full range of IP rights in digital assets
  • Deal certainty, eg protectionism, merger control and auction dynamics
  • Integration risk, eg incentives and culture clashes
  • Pre-sale and target digital health checks
  • Innovation investing, eg in start-ups

  • Managing data as an asset
  • Joint ventures and digital partnerships
  • Contract and licensing structures, including connected liability management
  • Tax, IP and data structuring
  • Technology transfers and export control
  • Blockchain, smart contracts and payment technology
  • Digital governance

  • New liability issues in a connected world
  • Evolving regulation in a digital world, eg artificial intelligence, smart grids
  • IP protection in digital assets, standard-setting, new technology patents
  • Antitrust (cartels, dominance)
  • Crowdsourcing and people issues
  • Data privacy and cyber security, including post-breach investigations and litigation


Natasha Good

Natasha Good


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Matthias Koch


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Giles Pratt


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Julian Pritchard