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Nowhere is the link between business and climate change more keenly felt than in the capital markets. From green and climate bonds to sustainability-linked loans, the range of financial instruments on offer is growing in response to rising demand from sustainable investors. However, at the same time there is increasing focus from the investment community on whether finance law needs to change to drive greater progress on sustainability-related goals, and calls for standardized disclosure rules that allow corporate sustainability performance – and the impact of systemic risks such as climate change – to be benchmarked within and across industries.

Our capital markets team operates at the cutting edge of sustainable finance, helping our clients structure transactions in three principal areas – project finance; green and social impact bonds; and impact investments.

We are also working to demystify the question of whether the law requires or permits institutional investors to invest for sustainability impact, developing in collaboration with UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), the UN Principles for Responsible Investing and the Generation Foundation ‘A legal framework for impact’, a multijurisdictional analysis which clarifies the legal position in key investment hubs around the world.

You can read about our work below, along with further insights on finance and the evolution of capital markets.

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