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Future-proofing innovation.

Compliance by design

How to innovate safely.

Regulators have traditionally struggled to keep pace with technological development, potentially raising novel competition and consumer protection questions that are hard to resolve.

The way regulation is applied to new areas may also create uncertainty for innovators, with senior executives struggling to work out whether existing frameworks are relevant to new products, services and models, and what impact those rules might have on their bottom line.

In addition they need to consider how regulatory frameworks could evolve over time, and take into account changes in the competition landscape, consumer understanding, and public/political opinion.

Watch our video panel with Lisa Eger, antitrust senior associate, Simon Priddis, antitrust partner, and Klaus Beucher, dispute resolution and data/IP partner.

In less than 20 minutes, you will learn about our compliance by design initiative and a risk assessment model helping our clients innovate safer.

The thought-leadership report Regulating the Future – written by the Economist Intelligence Unit and featuring Freshfields perspectives – examines the innovation–regulation nexus, looks at how governments and regulators are responding to the challenges posed by innovation, and how businesses can prepare for potential regulatory headwinds.