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Key legal updates affecting the reshaped global automotive industry, its suppliers and beyond

Legislative change and transformation impacting the industry are happening at pace across a number of key areas, such as renewables and EVs, emissions, manufacturing, corporate obligations, consumer rights, ESG, cyber, tech and data.

In this report, our experts provide an overview of key legislative developments affecting both the automotive industry as well as a wide range of suppliers and businesses involved in the global automotive industry across the EU, Germany, UK, US, China and Japan.  

Drawing on the breadth of our practice areas and geographical reach, this report aims to equip those working throughout the diversified and enlarged global automotive industry, as it is gearing up for electrification, autonomous driving and on-board entertainment, with a snapshot of recent and incoming policies across the globe in order to identify both opportunities and areas of risk. 


Our clients in the automotive industry move fast and constantly innovate. In order to do so, they need to stay on top of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and our report – which draws on our global breadth of experience in all things automotive – will help them in that task.

James Roberts

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