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  • Romanian Arbitration Journal, Number 1/2021 (April 2021) Co-author (with Gabriel Fusea), 'Counterclaims in Investment Arbitration: Key Threshold Issues for Claimants, Respondents and Tribunals'

  • Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Review, Volume 8, Number 4 (November 2019) Co-author (with Gabriel Fusea), ‘Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corp v Hydro-Québec: A Lesson in Comparative Contract Law’

  • Contemporary and Emerging Issues on the Law of Damages and Valuation in International Investment Arbitration, Christina L. Beharry, Ed., Nijhoff International Investment Law Series, Volume: 11, (Boston : Brill Nijhoff, 2018) Co-author (with Noah Rubins and Baxter Roberts), ‘Approaches to Valuation in Investment Treaty Arbitration’

  • Journal of Law and Social Policy 26 (2017): 43-67 Co-author (with Lorne Sossin and Jenna Meguid), ‘Charter Litigation, Social and Economic Rights & Civil Procedure’

  • International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics, Vesselin Popovski, Ed., (Oxford: Ashgate, 2014) Co-author (with Lorne Sossin), 'International Civil Service Ethics, Professionalism and the Rule of Law'

  • Lex Arbitri, Spring/Summer 2011, Volume 7, Number 1 Expert Impartiality and the Sachs Protocol