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Brian Samuel Oiwoh, Associate

Disputes, litigation and arbitration

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  • 35 Years PMG Prevention and Resolution of Disputes (2018), pp 85 - 101 Horvath/Neil/Oiwoh/Mimnagh, The duty of experts to remain independent and impartial in dispute resolution proceedings: a comparative analysis

  • Corporate Disputes Magazine (Oct-Dec 2019), pp 59 - 63 Pettazzi/Prantl/Oiwoh, The impact of Achmea on intra-EU investment arbitration: The status quo

  • Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2020, pp 458 - 465 Karall/Oiwoh, Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies - Are They Suitable to Address the Shortcomings of Human Arbitrators?

  • Corporate Disputes Magazine (Apr-Jun 2020), pp 84 - 89 Prantl/Zamani/Oiwoh, Lessons to be learned on SPA drafting and arbitration