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Sarah Melanson

Sarah Melanson, Associate

Antitrust, competition and trade

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  • Icarus: Summer 2020 Newsletter (with Meredith Mommers) Acquiring an Existing or Potential Competitor? Increased Concern over “Killer Acquisitions” Could Affect Tech Mergers

  • GCR: Americas Antitrust Review 2020 (with Aimen Mir and Christine Laciak) United States: CFIUS Review

  • The Antitrust Counselor: May 2019 Newsletter (with Sara Salem) "Bankers (And Other Third Party) Privilege?” Summary of the Corporate Counseling Committee’s Spring Meeting Panel

  • Transportation, Energy & Antitrust: Fall 2018 Newsletter "Antitrust Immunity for Airlines: How Did We Get Here, and Where Are We Going?"