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  • UNSW LJ Vol 31(1), 330 (with Rolf Trittmann) Taking evidence in arbitration proceedings between common law and civil law traditions – the development of a European hybrid standard

  • TDM 2 (2013) (with Caroline Kittelmann) The Participation of the European Commission as a Non-Party in Investment Treaty Disputes

  • Co-author with Peter Chrocziel, Robert Whitener and Wolrad Prinz zu Waldeck (Beck Nomos Hart) (2017) International Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes

  • Indian Journal of Arbitration Law (2017) (with Stuti Gadodia) What does the Future Hold for Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies in India? Investment Arbitration for Pharmaceutical Companies in the Indian Context

  • Journal of International Arbitration (2017) (with Eric Leikin) Eli Lilly v. Canada: A Patently Clear-Cut Dismissal on the Facts - but Opening the Door for Future Claimants on the Law