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About Dr. Christian Joellinger

Christian specialises in debt financing transactions and structured financings.

He also covers insolvency law and capital markets, securities, insurance, and banking and finance regulation.

A six-month secondment to Credit Suisse's fixed-income division in London means that Christian understands the needs and workings of large financial institutions. He is also comfortable working on complex and high-profile transactions across a range of industries.

Christian speaks German and English.

Recent work

  • Advising a major European banking group on the cross-border migration of a collateralised and hedged €6bn loan portfolio covering 22 jurisdictions in the context of the reorganisation of the group.
  • Advising the Austrian banking and leasing industry on true-sale and synthetic securitisations of lease and loan receivables.
  • Advising the Austrian banking industry on a broad range of regulatory matters, including own funds, large exposures, remuneration and covered bonds regulation.
  • Advising the Austrian leasing industry on the refinancing of public sector lease structures.



  • University of Vienna, Austria (PhD, including a thesis on takeover regulation)
  • University of Edinburgh, UK (LLM in commercial law)

Professional qualifications

  • Rechtsanwalt, Austria

Academic positions

  • Assistant professor at the University of Vienna (2008 and 2010)
  • Postgraduate researcher at the Austrian Society for Banking Research and the European Centre for Tort and Insurance Law (2008-09)


  • wbl 2008, 364 Zur übernahmerechtlichen Bedeutung der Willensbildung in Umgründungsfällen am Beispiel der Verschmelzung (The decision-making process regarding mergers under takeover laws)

  • wbl 2008, 525 „Creeping-in“ und die Befreiungstatbestände des § 24 ÜbG (Creepin-in and applicable exemptions under the Austrian Takeover Act)