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Katharina Crinson

Katharina Crinson, Counsel

Restructuring and insolvency

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  • Citibank NA, London Branch v Oceanwood Opportunities Master Fund and others (2018) EWHC 448 (Ch). International Corporate Rescue

  • (2017) 10 CRI 174 Smallsteps towards a settled position: legal parity for the Dutch pre-pack and a giant leap for employee rights

  • (2017) 14 ICR 268 JCAM Commercial Real Estate Property XV Ltd v Davis Haulage Ltd

  • (2017) 14 ICR 242 Schemes of arrangement: the end of the numerosity test?

  • (2017) 10 CRI 3 What restructuring lawyers wanted from Santa: the proposed directive on "preventive restructuring frameworks and second chance for entrepreneurs"

  • (2017) 10 CRI 43 An improper motive does not necessarily mean an improper appointment: a look at para 81 of Sch B1

  • Recovery 2015, Aut, 10-11 The insolvency profession in the 21st century - from undertakers to renovators?

  • (2014) 2 CRI 57 Game over: rent as an administration expense on a pay as you go basis

  • (2013) 6 CRI 182 A step too far? Proposals to change the EC Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings 2000

  • Nortel GMBH, Re – Round 1: The Decision of Briggs J, (2011) 24 Insolvency Intelligence, Issue 2, 23 Moral Hazard Powers of the Pensions Regulator: How do they Apply Against a Company in Insolvency?