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Legal Services Centre

An alternative way of delivering legal services.

We have a Legal Services Centre (LSC) that offers efficient, high-quality legal services for the more process-driven aspects of our client work.

It is primarily based in Manchester, UK, with teams in Germany and Hong Kong. This enables it to provide near 24/7 support.

Around 100 people work across the three locations. They include legal support assistants (LSAs), managers and a quality assurance function. Every member holds a legal practice certificate or equivalent, and some are fully qualified. All LSAs are supervised by our fee earners on the relevant case/transaction.

We recruit the LSAs and train them to deliver to the firm’s own quality standards. Regardless of location, they work together on the same workflow platform and follow the same processes and best practice.  

The LSC carries out a range of tasks across all our practice areas – from document reviews to due diligence, non-disclosure agreements to verification – in multiple languages.

Using the LSC allows us to offer our clients greater flexibility and certainty on our pricing, including the use of alternative fee arrangements. In addition, using technology solutions and tailored working practices allows the LSC to work in the most efficient way for our clients.

Our AI partners

Kira can handle large volumes of documents in multiple languages and formats. It is significantly quicker than ‘eyes-on’ review and can deliver extremely accurate results. Our lawyers can configure the software to search for identified clauses, ensuring that the outputs meet client expectations.

LSAs are trained to work with the system and experienced in assessing the quality of the output. The team continually assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the Kira-trained, ‘out-of-the-box’ provisions. And when we train the system ourselves, we use experienced lawyers and high-quality training sets, and ensure that the provisions are signed off by one of our specialist knowledge lawyers. Clients can be confident that the Kira algorithm has been trained to Freshfields-quality standards.

Read a case study on how we used Kira to help a healthcare client

For example, for real estate lease reviews, we use Leverton, a machine-learning tool that has been intensively taught in the real estate domain and delivers high levels of efficiency for first-level review.

We have done some development work of our own further to enhance the speed and efficiency of delivery to our clients. We have developed an integration with the Leverton system that allows us to take the outputs from the Leverton analysis and, with a combination of our workflow tool and document-automation technology, to auto-generate the draft due diligence report.

We are very excited by the possibilities this integration offers and are pursuing a similar integration with Kira.

Contact us

We would welcome a conversation with you about how the LSC can help with your transactions and day-to-day operations.

Please contact Olivia Balson, Head of Legal Services Centre

T +44 161 880 6248