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Innovating to serve our clients better.

Our clients’ business models are constantly being challenged. We are responding by putting innovation at the heart of what we do.

Innovation means working with clients to develop new models for delivering our services, using a combination of new technology, alternative resourcing, flexible pricing and process improvement.

What we have done so far

Much of this technology is being used in the LSC, but not all.

For example, our lawyers are using expert logic software, Neota Logic, which allows our lawyers to ‘code’ solutions directly for use by our clients and the firm. The software can save significant amounts of lawyer time by codifying logical steps in a decision-making process.

In circumstances where lawyers are required to parse large volumes of data with defined decision points at each stage, expert logic delivers quick and accurate results.

We have been working with the University of Manchester’s School of Computer Science on a number of joint projects, including:

  • a project to explore how semantic web technologies can help us search our internal data and know-how for information that will then help us give clients the market insights and advice they truly value; and
  • a joint research project with the School of Computer Science, the School of Law and Manchester Business School to analyse the impact of disruptive technology on the provision of legal services.

We have a dedicated innovation function to ensure we innovate in a way that benefits our clients. The team comprises:

  • a group of associates from across the firm who generate ideas, develop business cases and pitch to our innovation leaders. A successful business case must demonstrate it can deliver real value to clients;
  • a continuous improvement team – this works with lawyers and business services staff to identify and effect improvements in the way we interact with technology and service our clients;
  • legal project management capability – this helps lawyers deliver those improvements in a structured and disciplined way to keep costs down;
  • legal technologists – they identify and work with technology solutions to drive greater efficiencies; and
  • product development specialists – they link our offices and the LSC to ensure that the Centre continues to meet its quality standards.

We have close links with the legal tech start-up community and are proud to have sponsored for the third consecutive year Legal Geek, the largest law tech community in the world, with over 2,500 members.

Through our connection with Legal Geek, we support legal tech startups in building connections. We also support the exploration of new technologies that are disrupting the legal services industry and shaping the next generation of lawyers. 

Contact us

We would welcome a conversation with you about how we can collaborate to serve you better.

Please contact Isabel Parker, Director of Legal Services Innovation

T +44 20 7785 5623