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We have over 2,500 lawyers worldwide who work wherever our clients need us. We can put together tailored, multi-skilled, international teams at very short notice. Our relationships with leading local firms enables us to deliver a truly seamless service. This means you get an unbeatable combination of international experience and understanding, tailored advice, and reliable local knowledge and contacts – whenever and wherever you need it. Find out more about our global network by choosing a country or region

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Environmental commitment

We are committed to managing our environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint. Doing so not only benefits the local and wider environment, but also is good for business.

To improve our environmental performance in a cost-effective way, we're adopting best practices to minimize waste and reduce resource consumption, raising awareness through environmental education programs, and investing in energy-efficient technologies.

We collaborate with other businesses and NGOs to tackle climate change on a wider scale. We are a founding member of the Legal Sector Alliance, a movement of law firms and organizations taking action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprints and adopting environmentally sustainable practices. We are also a proud supporter of UNICEF's Climate Positive program.

One of the greatest positive impacts we have on the environment is through our legal advice. Our energy and natural resources sector group brings together over 100 partners and associates from across our network of offices who regularly advise in the wide area of energy and natural resources.

We don't have a one-size-fits-all approach to environmental management - each of our offices has its own unique challenges. But we are all moving in the same direction: we set clearly defined internal responsibilities and challenging but realistic targets. Sharing ideas and knowledge is key to achieving our objectives.

Read our 2014 Responsible Business Report to find out more.