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We have over 2,500 lawyers worldwide who work wherever our clients need us. We can put together tailored, multi-skilled, international teams at very short notice. Our relationships with leading local firms enables us to deliver a truly seamless service. This means you get an unbeatable combination of international experience and understanding, tailored advice, and reliable local knowledge and contacts – whenever and wherever you need it. Find out more about our global network by choosing a country or region

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  • High Growth Lower risk
  • 28% of cross-border M&A deals in emerging markets by global listed companies are hit by major setbacks such as regulatory investigations, government opposition, stakeholder litigation and management outcry.

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  • Navigating M&A deal risk in high growth markets
  • An analysis of cross-border transactions valued at $750m or more in high-growth countries, by global listed companies, announced since 2008 found that:

    • The higher the stakes, the greater the chances are of hitting a problem. More than a third (38%) of the deals valued at $2bn or more encountered an issue, compared to 23% of those under $2bn. 
    • Regulatory probes are most common among the issues faced, affecting 51% of the troubled deals. 
    • Litigation impacted 35% of the deals that encountered setbacks. 
    • Disputes such as activist protests and quarrels with landowners and employees, impacted 22% of the troubled deals. 
    Investors from developed economies are as likely to face issues as those from emerging markets.
    Our team can help you understand, manage and reduce the risks when you invest in a high-growth market. Each investment is different and warrants a bespoke approach, but we’ve uncovered six recurring themes that any investor should consider before they make their move:

    1. take full advantage of available international investment treaties;
    2. use creative strategies to combat ‘creative’ taxes;
    3. build risk resistance into your deal; 
    4. protect your investment against bribery and corruption; 
    5. plan for the unexpected with competition policies and regimes; and
    6. protect your brands, technology and trade secrets

    Unparalleled experience

    Because we're home to many of the world's leading legal practitioners, with an award-winning international tax team, an arbitration group that has acted on double the number of investment disputes of any other law firm and an M&A team that has done more cross-border deals than its competitors, we're able to offer something few firms can: front-line experience, across continents, across disciplines, across decades.


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