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We have over 2,500 lawyers worldwide who work wherever our clients need us. We can put together tailored, multi-skilled, international teams at very short notice. Our relationships with leading local firms enables us to deliver a truly seamless service. This means you get an unbeatable combination of international experience and understanding, tailored advice, and reliable local knowledge and contacts – whenever and wherever you need it. Find out more about our global network by choosing a country or region

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  • A multi-dimensional response to multi-jurisdictional investigations

    As the globalisation of investigations speeds up, so does the need to manage investigations in different countries simultaneously.

    There is huge impact in antitrust, anti-bribery and corruption, sanctions, data loss, human rights, financial services regulation, anti-money laundering and tax.

    We were quick to identify this historic global trend and to create an integrated Global Investigations team, meeting client needs from a single point of contact.

    If you would like to know more about the key drivers and consequences of global investigations today, our global webinar programme in 2013-14 examines anti-bribery and corruption, human rights, data loss, money laundering and follow-on litigation.

  • The globalisation of enforcement

    Anti-bribery and corruption
    More than 90 corporates are currently facing US FCPA investigations; China, India, Brazil, Indonesia are all seeing law changes and increased enforcement.

    Cartels and bid rigging
    In 2012 the US Department of Justice imposed $1.35 billion in fines and the EU fined businesses some €2.89 billion.

    Data loss
    The cost per record lost in a data breach has risen 68% in five years.

    US fines have risen 67% since 2010 and broke the $1bn barrier in 2011.

    The SEC have received 3,400 tip-offs since financial incentives began in August 2011.

  • Every angle covered

    Our global investigations team is international and multidisciplinary, so we can meet all our clients’ needs.

    From a single point of contact we field teams of experienced advisers from 27 offices around the world and coordinate a global network.

    We offer clients our expertise at each stage in the life cycle of regulatory risk.

    1. Due diligence on transactions and vetting of third parties
    This applies in M&A and JV transactions, and to agents and intermediaries, about anti-bribery and corruption and cartel risk

    2. Compliance programmes: helping clients ‘avoid the day’
    Our work defending large companies means we see where the problems arise in practice

    3. Conducting internal investigations
    This work follows events like whistleblowing, internal audit review, or suspected e.g. fraud or corruption

    4. Defending a client against multiple prosecutors or regulators
    We assist at the start of an investigation, like dawn raids by e.g. the US DoJ, SEC, or the UK SFO or EC.