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  • Private M&A: how is market practice developing?
  • Regulatory scrutiny, competition for prime assets and financing are among the factors shaping the M&A landscape worldwide.

    Our third annual survey of private M&A terms allows us to compare and contrast how market practice is developing – and what this means for our clients.

    We have analysed over 300 of our deals completed in the past three years, looking at transaction terms and market trends in more than 30 countries across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

    The findings are based on our direct experience. They have been analysed by our partners who can present them to you in context.

  • Our survey has identified five stand-out trends:

    1. A dearth of quality assets is impacting M&A
    2. Heightened regulatory scrutiny is complicating deals
    3. Perceived market practices are open to challenge and influence
    4. Financing is dictating key deal terms
    5. More exit options for sellers

  • Our findings are designed to help:

    Reassure – our clients that their position is consistent with the market

    Identify – risks and options earlier to better inform the sale process

    Predict – tension points between buyer and seller and assess workarounds

    Discover – how best practice is developing and which terms are being used where

    Decide – where best to do a deal based on knowledge of market differences

  • Private M&A: how is market practice developing?

  • Analysis of 300 deals

  • 5 trends

  • If you would like to know how our survey can help inform your private M&A strategy, please contact Sundeep Kapila, or your local Freshfields M&A partner