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  • India has emerged as the FTSE 100’s developing market destination of choice from the past decade. It attracted $31bn of investment across 145 deals - more than any of the other BRICS - ranking as the FTSE’s fourth most targeted nation overall. 

    M&A statistics from the past decade offer a comprehensive picture of Britain’s leading companies’ investment trends. They spent $645bn across 3,967 deals globally, with more than three quarters (81%) of that investment targeting just 10 countries. The UK and US accounted for the lion’s share – more than half (51%).

    FTSE 100 Companies' top M&A destinations 2003-2013

    The research also reveals that:

    • 26% of deal investments by the FTSE 100 were in UK companies and 25% in US companies, with US deals being larger on average ($168bn was invested in 1,074 UK deals and $163bn in 741 US deals).
    •  Canada was the next most favoured country for investment, with 8% ($51bn invested across 107 deals), although the total is skewed by one deal (Rio Tinto’s acquisition of Canadian-based Alcan, a manufacturer of aluminium, for $43bn in 2007). 
    • China does not make the top ten most targeted nations by value (it ranks 14th). It secured just 1% of the FTSE 100’s total M&A investment (with $8bn across 111 deals). 
    •  Russia attracted 3% of the FTSE 100’s M&A spend ($16bn across 41 deals). It is followed by South Africa with 2% ($14bn across 105 deals) and Brazil with 2% ($14bn across 71 deals). 
    •  Other M&A hotspots include Spain, which attracted 4% ($28bn across 103 deals), Australia with 4% ($26bn and 123 deals) and Sweden with 2% ($14bn and 58 deals).

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