We work worldwide

We have over 2,500 lawyers worldwide who work wherever our clients need us. We can put together tailored, multi-skilled, international teams at very short notice. Our relationships with leading local firms enables us to deliver a truly seamless service. This means you get an unbeatable combination of international experience and understanding, tailored advice, and reliable local knowledge and contacts – whenever and wherever you need it. Find out more about our global network by choosing a country or region

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  • We work worldwide

    In the last three years we’ve helped clients in over 200 jurisdictions, from Afghanistan to Zambia, and Greenland to Guyana. 
    The world is easier to navigate when you work with Freshfields. We’ve handled deals, disputes and investigations in some of the world’s most challenging legal environments, and can help you assess and mitigate sovereign and legal risks for your operations and investments. This may be why we have advised on more cross-border M&A deals over the last five years than any other law firm.

    Our network and experience stand apart

    Our strength is built on world-class talent, not just geographic reach. While we have 27 offices in all the main financial and regulatory centres, over 30 per cent of our work is in countries where we do not have an office. So our lawyers are deeply experienced in working outside their home markets.

    Steering your deal – or dispute

    As your counsel, we’ll take care of your legal, regulatory, employment and tax issues and develop the best structure for your deal or project. Clients find that our ability to quickly assemble multi-skilled teams - and to integrate across the legal disciplines - truly sets us apart. They feel in a stronger position to achieve their goals: whether they are in pursuit of a deal, or find themselves playing defence in a dispute or investigation.

    Giving you the best local advice

    In addition to our own long experience, we’ve built strong relationships with selected local law firms, as well as with financial institutions, intermediaries and government agencies. So we’ll give you the best legal and commercial advice, based on your specific situation and our network of local knowledge. Specifically, our partner law firms:

    • are market leaders in their jurisdictions;
    • work in the local language and English;
    • offer excellent service and cost/benefit position;
    • understand and follow our working practices; and
    • support our clients in close-knit teams, all aspiring to deliver seamlessly.

    Teams are generally led by a single Freshfields partner who manages the development of multi-jurisdictional legal input and applies it to the unique requirements of each client.

    We go beyond co-ordinating and integrating local law advice, though that remains an important skill. Perhaps most importantly, we invest in training our people to interpret and synthesise multi-jurisdictional input, with commercial pragmatism. You experience a joined-up, complete response, giving you peace of mind and confidence in achieving your aims. And, we can provide consolidated budgets, progress reports and accounts so that you always know where things stand. We believe this offers an international level of service that others simply cannot match.


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