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      From mobile technology to big data, the internet of things to bitcoin, technology is fundamentally changing all businesses. Here, you’ll find our insights on the legal implications of the digital revolution. Our teams are at the forefront of legislative and regulatory developments and help the world’s biggest and most innovative companies adapt to a changing world. The power of the internet makes all businesses international, so the strength and experience of a truly global law firm has never been more important.

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    • Brexit – what does it mean for digital business models?

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      Following Britain’s vote to leave the EU on 23 June, political leaders on both sides of the Channel face difficult decisions on what happens next. Business faces big choices too. Your company will need to understand and manage the risks and pursue new opportunities that may arise in this volatile period of change. While it will take considerable time for the Leave vote to be implemented through any formal steps, and legal frameworks will remain in place in the meantime,, companies that operate or trade in the EU need to prepare now.

      It is important to consider carefully steps your company may need to take in light of the process for negotiating a withdrawal agreement and the UK’s future status outside the EU. There are particular legal issues affecting digital business models, such as data processing, applicability of EU data protection regulation, EU licences for digital content, telecommunications regulation or net neutrality. More information on these and other legal implications that you should have in mind can be found here.