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Freshfields Careers


Explaining the culture of a firm is always difficult. But we think ours is special.

Like other international law firms, we have offices in many capital cities, and we have busy, sometimes long, working days. We serve demanding clients, with needs in every possible corner of the world.

Big or small, commercial or institutional, what our clients all have in common is the sheer ambition and complexity of what they want to achieve. Put simply, they hire Freshfields when it matters most.

A career at Freshfields carries a few promises. You will not be bored. You will face problems you haven’t seen before. You’ll meet interesting and friendly people, and you’ll always work in teams. Teamwork calls for a genuine interest in other people and acceptances of differences. It also means an exceptional willingness to pitch in to get the job done.

The sections below describe (as far as they can in a few words!) what you might expect from life at Freshfields, and professional opportunities across the firm.

  • public and private M&A;
  • joint ventures and restructurings;
  • regulatory compliance, investigations and disputes;
  • debt and equity capital markets;
  • structured, leveraged and asset financing;
  • antitrust/competition;
  • outsourcing;
  • data protection;
  • employment and benefits; and
  • tax.
  • Over 2800
  • Working in 150+
  • Speaking over 70